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SPOT beacon is the medium for retailers, curators, and business owners to share news, information,
stories, or interactive events with target consumers nearby.

SPOT beacon brings new mobile experiences

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SPOT for
mobile marketing

Proximity marketing will be enabled precisely and effectively with iBeacon technology. When consumers access certain product category, she/he will be notified immediately of target information or promotion. For members, personalized messages and payment can be activated, right here and right now.

3 easy steps to leverage iBeacon technology in your business!

You can easily leverage iBeacon technology to enhance proximity marketing, enrich multimedia information,
and offer indoor navigation to your target customers.

Deploy beacons

Deploy low-energy and low-cost Bluetooth SPOT beacons indoor or outdoor, which automatically broadcast signals and notify people around.

Design program

Design content or interactive program via SPOT Project Hub which attracts customer’s interest and link with business goals.

Browser content

Through SPOT Browser App, customers with smart devices can immediately receive notification and interact with the program/content right there.

Interested in SPOT solution?

Our Offerings:

For developers, retailers, curators, or anyone interested in using iBeacon technology
to host events or enrich services, now we offer following total solution:

Beacon Devices

Beacons of high quality with iBeacon certificate, manufactured in Taiwan or by Japan-Based leading company Aplix. Good for various envirnment.

SPOT the app

SPOT the app supports multimedia content and HTML 5, for users to browser dedicated content here and now.

SPOT Project Hub

SPOT Project Hub, a cloud platform, is developed for beacon management and content design/creation.

Consulting Service

We also contribute creativity and help design and develop beacon services.

Find the iBeacon Device That Suits Your Need

We offer various iBeacon hardware devices for all kinds of envirnment. From the protable mini size, to the durable outdoor set, all cater to your use case.

Products with Apple iBeacon certificate.

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SPOT the app: Sharable and unique content browsing platform

A single entry for smart users to browse unique content, only right here and right now.

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SPOT Project Hub: Cloud-based content management platform

SPOT Project Hub is a cloud-based platform for designers, developers, or curators to manage beacons and to create specially-designed content/activities for events, exhibitions, or campaigns.

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Manage beacons

Manage and monitor all your beacon status.

Edit programme content

Create content with text, images, videos and preview spantaneously. No need for any coding or programming.

HTML 5 Interactive

Create campaign and interactivity with HTML 5.

SDK for your App

Integrate with any app for iBeacon broadcasting and interactivity content

View reports

Check instant programme access report to know more about your users.

Pay as you go

Charge by programme views. Pay as you use.

Create Your Unique SPOT Experience!

Proximity Message Broadcasting

KKlabs works with Taishin International Bank, stepping into the age of mobile bank with iBeacon.

Innovative Mobile Engagement

V Air works with KKlabs, bringing Taiwan's first airline mobile service with iBeacon technology.

Held by Syntrend, in cooperation with KKlabs, "Retail Battle Hackthon" is an event focusing on iBeacon technology, aiming to bring brand new application and user experiences for featured shops and stores in DaDaoChen, Taipei, Taiwan.

Good coffee and good book make a wonderful time. KKlabs works with Readmoo and Artco Cafe, bringing in e-books in the cafe for costumers to discover.

Interactive Mobile Campaign

KKlabs and Lamigo Monkeys strikes the first home-run of iBeacon application in pro baseball stadium in Taiwan. Trans-reality game and e-lottery ticket on the show!

Vieshow Cinema works with KKlabs, sending Christmas gifts to fans via iBeacon.

Campobag works with KKlabs, launching iBeacon game campaign around Chinese New Year at Dadaocheng, the tourist hotspot in Taipei

Exhibition Mobile Guide

The new 2014 Wildscreen Film Festival: come and see how iBeacon makes the film festival more fascinating!

KKlabs brings up Taiwan's 1st iBeacon-empowered mobile exhibition guide at "Meet TAIPEI 2014", the start-up event of the year held by Business Next Media Group.

KKlabs works with Ri Xing Type Foundry, bringing the 1st iBeacon empowered mobile tour guide in Taiwan. Visitors are now free to explore the last operating foundry in Taiwan with thorough information.

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